We build great beer.

Handcrafted ales in Sterling, colorado


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Parts & Labor Brewing Company is in the business of beer- and not just any beer.  

We build great beer.


Parts & Labor Brewing Co. handcrafts all its beers inside the doors of a renovated, century- old Cadillac dealership repair shop.  It's been a few years since those cars have rolled out of here, but owners Dylan & Kimberly Harford keep the memory alive with a vintage shop vibe and beers that have won them both the hearts of many locals, as well as some pretty prestigious recognition within the craft beer culture.  



(970) 425-7540



402 Main Street Unit B                Sterling, Colorado 80751


T-Th  12p-9p
F-Sa 12p–11p
Su 12p-8p                                     M  Closed


Our Story

Everyone always says, "hindsight is 20/20."  When we look back on the story that brought us to this point- Parts & Labor Brewing Company, the answer isn't always that clear.  It could start with a story that begins with "once upon a time," like a love story, which is partly true.  Then, somewhere in there, you could interject a tragic event or a turning point, which there are some of those too.  But looking back on how we got here, it is more like a handful of moments, a handful of moonshot ideas, a handful of occasions where the stars aligned in a way that can only be credited to divine intervention.  But at the end of it all, we aren't doing anything utterly remarkable.  We are crafting the best beer we can, having fun doing it, but most of all, creating something.  Creating a mark on the town we both grew up in, making friends along the way, and hopefully making something that will stand the test of time for our family.  For us, it isn't just Parts & Labor Brewing Company- it's a labor of love.  We love beer, and we hope you will love our beer too.


Dylan & Kimberly Harford                                                                                                                                                                                        Owners and Founders

Parts & Labor Brewing Upcoming Events

  • September 15-16: Sugar Beet Days

Stop by on your way from the biggest craft festival on the courthouse square!  

  • Tuesday Nights September 4- October 30: Cornhole League

Our fall season of Parts & Labor's Cornhole League is upon us!  Gather teams of 2-4 players for a Tuesday night league with great prizes for the top teams.  Matches at 7:00pm, 7:30pm, and 8:00pm.

  • Thursday Nights beginning August 23: TRIVIA!!!!

Get your teams of up to 6 players, put your thinkin' caps on, and come on down for the a night of fun pub quiz questions on any and every subject under the sun.  Countless hours spent in-house curating questions- no generic trivial questions here!  Did we mention, we give away free beer?


If you were able to score some tickets, stop by our booth at the greatest beer festival in America!  We are pouring some of your favorites in a pretty sweet setup.  While you're there, you can check out some world-class beers from around America.  Independence Matters!

  • October 6 & 7: Parts & Labor's Oktoberfest

Grab your lederhosen and your dirndls and join us for some authentic beers, authentic food, authentic music and an all around good time!  Food starts at 2pm and served until its gone!

  • October 27: Get spooooky with a Halloween bash!  Costumes, rockin' tunes from the Juke Joint Cruisers, and much more fun!  



// German Chocolate Cake Stout // Vanilla Milkshake IPA // Cereal Milk Dopplebock //

// Particular Set of Skills Pale Ale // White Chocolate Mocha Blonde Stout // Peach Tarragon Tripel //